Le Chef

Dominique Bouchet started on the route to becoming a chef by serving an apprenticeship with the Burgundian Chef Marcel Pouilly followed by studies at the Hotel Management School. Hired at the age of 22 by Joël Robuchon at the time of the opening of the Concorde Lafayette Hotel in 1974, he became Chef de Cuisine of the Jamin restaurant in 1978, 2 Michelin stars in Paris. Since then, he will never leave the world of the starred properties.

From 1981 to1988, he will become the Chef de Cuisine of the famous restaurant La Tour d’Argent 3 Michelin stars ; he will then manage the Moulin de Marcouze in Charente-Maritime, his own property including a 2 Michelin stars restaurant and a 4 stars hotel.

In 1997 he will be the Chef de Cuisine of the hotel de Crillon 2 Michelin stars; he will there imagine all the menus and achieve the plates for all restaurants. Then, he will l create his own business and settle in a very smart and intimate restaurant at two steps from the Parc Monceau; its name will simply be “Dominique Bouchet” 1 Michelin star.

In 2007, he will add to his restaurant a project which meant a lot to him: the Wa-Bi Salon.
From now on, he welcomes you in this intimate place with a particular beauty and harmony. A place of silence. A magic place where the Wa-Bi is reigning, Wa for harmony, Bi for beauty, maybe the symptoms of respect, another of the essential values of Dominique Bouchet.